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​adjective south·ern | \ ˈsə-t͟hərn

1 full of fresh butter, lots of sugar, blessed with buttermilk and made with love

These recipes have stood the test of time and taste, being passed down from a generation of bakers in my family. Rooted in Southern flavor, these desserts always take me back to a taste of home and allow me to share a piece of my heart.

Nana’s Banana Love Runway Red-y

Peach’s Cobbler

Look back at it Pound Cake Coconut Clouds

Carrot Indulgence Strawberry Shorty

Strawberry, Raspberry, Nutella, Lemon custard, Guava, Pineapple, Chocolate ganache, Bavarian Cream, Apple Pie, Dulce de leche

Choose from our selection of fillings and pastry creams that can be enjoyed alone or mixed in with our luxurious Italian meringue buttercream.

Don’t see your dream flavor combination on the list, let us know.

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